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Morning Delight Gift Basket

The morning delight gift basket includes two types of jam, wild forest and orange. Both of these jams go wonderfully with a piece of toast or a bagel. This basket also includes chocolate biscottis which go great with a cup of coffee.



Antipasto Gift Basket

This savory gift basket includes sweet sopressata, bocini provolone, marinated mushrooms, artichoke salad, stuffed manzanilla olives, and roasted red peppers.



Spaghetti Dinner Gift Basket

This gift basket includes product perfect for a spaghetti dinner. You get a jar of marinara spaghetti sauce, and a bag of pasta mista. Pasta mista in an interesting cut of pasta, and combined with marinara you have a quick easy dinner. You also get a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, a great dressing for your salad. To have before or with your dinner you also get a jar of olives, and a jar of capers.



Oil and Vinegar Gift Basket

Our oil and vinegar basket includes a pinch bottle of both our extra virgin olive oil, and our balsamic vinegar.